About CLASH by Ashauntiya

CLASH by Ashauntiya provides original branded designs for trendy young women and men. Our consumer uses our simplistic designs to further express their own originality and creativity while keeping it elegant and low key. We use fashion to convey a message to the consumer. While CLASH is a simple 5-letter word to many, it has a very impactful meaning to us and we are here to deliver that to the world around us.

Our fashion represents fresh and dope personality, self awareness, confidence, being simple but elegant, and always seen but not heard. The message behind the brand is that anyone can do what we are doing or what they love to do, and to also show the importance of where hard work, discipline and determination can get you. 

Coming from very little, a young black girl decided to follow her dreams and did it in the loving memory of her best friend and second mother, Clarine.  

We want everyone to feel the unique energy behind CLASH by Ashauntiya and be able to relate as well as take away their own meaning for why they wear and support this brand. 



Grama Clarine and 4 of her grandchildren


...with CLARINE in mind 

CLASH started in the mind of Ashauntiya aka Shaun Doe after longing for a way to make her dreams come alive and align them with her purpose in this world, which is to help people in any way she can. It has always been a dream of Ashauntiya's to be a fashion designer so she began making clothes for herself in high school and then started taking orders from willing customers once in college. Things did not go as planned along this journey so Ashauntiya began to think of ways that she could brand a line which represented herself as her way of leaving her mark on the world.

Ashauntiya's grandmother (who unfortunately did not win her battle to cancer and ascended in 2015) was her best friend and after her passing, became a prominent reason why Ashauntiya carried out her purpose in life. In 2017, Ashauntiya found a way to create a legacy for and show love for her grama "Claire" while she followed her dreams. The name CLASH is both CLArine and ASHauntiya put together using the first 3 letters of each name. 

Ashauntiya has attended two pop-up shops since launching the brand in November 2020 where people in Norfolk, VA and Atlanta, GA have come out to support and purchase from the brand. People who ask what the brand means have been delighted in knowing the meaning is so near and dear to Ashauntiya and have also expressed to Ashauntiya how the logo font, signature color of the brand, and sleek and simple appearance is what captured their eyes while the story captured their hearts.